Surprisingly Cinematic Sounds


In this video, the Rantbot Ctrl-Surf module generates a MIDI data stream played by the Rantbot MIDI-Lappi module. Timing signals for the Ctrl-Surf are generated by a Make Noise René module.

The Ctrl-Surf eurorack module provides four clock/gate inputs. They are:

ARP CLK – This signal advances the current arpeggio by one step.

CHORD STRIKE – Ctrl-Surf sends out MIDI commands to play the current chord once for each chord strike pulse.

ACCENT – When this input is high, MIDI commands are generated to play notes louder. It does not affect the volume of previously played notes that may still be ringing.

PRESET ADVANCE – Moves the current arpeggio, arpeggio program change (instrument sound), chord, and chord program change to the next one of four available presets.

The combination of these four basic inputs in various timings gives rise to entertaining compositions and moods that belie their simple roots.