In order to wring out the tones of MIDI-Lappi, I have been using a bread board circuit that I program to send a variety of MIDI messages to the MIDI-Lappi module. I’m generating Note On, Note Off, Program Change, and Pitch Bend messages.

It would be nice to have these features (and more!) in a rack-mounted eurorack format, so I drew a schematic and routed a board in KiCad:

I will do some final physical and electrical checks before ordering boards from OSH Park. Then, while waiting for delivery, I’d like to layout a face plate for 3D printing. That is the plan so far.

Finally ordered three boards from OSH Park, and made this little video to show the design in 3D. Face plate art will have to wait until programming is done and the functionality is fully programmed. For now, it is running on a breadboard circuit, without the illuminated push buttons. The colors will be different, probably with a black faceplate.